Helmets may make a difference in reducing or preventing head injuries. Many skiers and snowboarders are choosing to wear them. However, helmets do have limits and users need to be aware that wearing a helmet does not eliminate the risk of head injury. In addition to offering an added degree of protection, snow sports helmets are now designed to be lightweight, comfortable, warm and fashionable.

The decision to wear a helmet is a matter of personal or parental choice. Think with your head and wear a helmet… it’s a smart idea.

Snow sports helmets are insulated for cold weather and provide better coverage and impact protection than other sports helmets, such as bicycle helmets. Be sure that the helmet you choose meets current recognised snow sport helmet design standards.

There is no substitute for responsible behaviour on the slopes. Adhere to the Alpine Responsibility Code and consider wearing a helmet.

For more information, contact a ski area, visit a helmet manufacturer’s website or go to or the Lids On Kids website.

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