When parking in the snowfields, it is important to choose a safe location to leave your car and to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of damage due to freezing conditions.


Always follow directions of resort staff and road signs. They are there for your safety.

  • Park only where directed. If you do not, you run the risk of another vehicle or snow clearing vehicle running into what looks to the driver like just another drift of snow.
  • Do not apply the handbrake. Moisture can freeze the cables and brake linings.
  • Leave the car in gear with the front wheels turned away from the slope.
  • Always park as close to the bank as possible to leave room for two-way traffic.
  • Do not use rocks to chock wheels as they may damage snow clearing machines.
  • Don’t use wooden chocks, these tend to slip on icy surfaces.
  • Remove wheel chocks from parking area when leaving.


Freezing conditions can cause damage to your car, so take time to prepare your car when parking for extended periods.

  • Cover the radiator to help prevent freezing.
  • Lift wipers from windscreen or place in a plastic bag if parking for an extended period so that wipers do not stick to the glass.
  • Cover door locks with masking tape to stop locks freezing up.
  • Return to the car periodically to clear snow on and around the vehicle.

Even if chains were not required to enter the area it is advisable to fit them when parking. It is much easier than trying to fit them later for the return trip if weather conditions change or the vehicle is snowbound.

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