Every year people become lost in the mountains and ski areas of the alpine country. To care for people in the snow, all ski resorts maintain skilled Ski Patrols throughout winter months.


Ski patrollers can easily be identified in all resorts by their distinctive uniform with a cross. They are highly trained to deal with injured skiers and boarders, both within the resort and beyond resort boundaries. Patrollers open and close trails and runs, and mark hazards. For your safety, as well as that of others, obey the signs that are displayed by the Ski Patrol.

The main purposes for operating these Ski Patrol services are to:

  • Administer first aid assistance to injured persons on the snow.
  • Transfer those requiring further medical attention to resort or other advanced medical care.
  • In conjunction with the state police and other emergency services, to search for and rescue skiers/boarders lost in alpine areas.
  • Serve the public with other assistance and skiing/boarding information.
  • Improve safety standards in alpine resorts, and reduce the accident rate.

For ambulance, police and fire emergencies, call ‘000’ or contact your local ski patrol.


Ambulance services operate 24 hours a day at every major ski resort. The services works in close co-operation with the Ski Patrol and medical centres.

Given that most resorts are some distance from major centres of population, the costs of ambulance transports can be expensive. One ride in an ambulance could cost you more than $1000.

Even a small Ski Patrol evacuation for a minor injury is likely to require an ambulance. Most resorts do not allow patients to be walked to medical centres by ski patrollers, so ambulance use is frequent.

There is of course a way of enjoying your stay in the snow without having to be concerned about such costs. Simply by becoming an ambulance subscriber you are immediately covered for accidental injury or sudden illness. (A two month waiting period applies to existing medical conditions).

When you’re an ambulance subscriber, you get free transport and attention anywhere in Australia. That includes regular and emergency ambulance transport, as well as the specialist ambulances.

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