Playing in the snow is a fun and rewarding activity but there can be some dangers involved.

Children should be supervised at all times.

Conditions change quickly and playing in the snow can result in wet damp clothes that increase the risk of hypothermia.

Wear the appropriate clothing ‘layer up’ to avoid getting too hot or too cold.

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The dangers to avoid

Snow can hide dangers in the terrain such as logs and holes.


Don’t play near roads, cars and snow moving equipment. Vehicles can move in unexpected ways on slippery roads.

Slipping and falling

Each winter slipping and falling accidents cause serious injuries. Even when surfaces do not look especially icy or slippery, it is very possible that a thin sheet of transparent ice can build up. Frozen snow and ice on the ground and roads can create a hard and slippery surface. Always wear the appropriate footwear to prevent slipping and falling.

Be aware of overhead hazards

Look up. Ice and snow can collect in trees and on rooftops, so when playing outside keep clear of eaves and heavily laden trees. Falling icicles and chunks of snow pose a serious risk. In extreme cold weather icicles can build up in size very quickly and are lethal. Their size and dagger-like formation are extremely dangerous. Be aware of what’s happening above you, and stay clear from the edges of buildings.

Playing on a toboggan

Tobogganing in specially prepared areas is one way of enjoying the snow. Tobogganing can be dangerous and great care should be taken. Parents should ensure adequate supervision is provided when children are tobogganing.

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